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Language Arts, Full Packages



McRuffy Phonics and Reading  (Video Overview)

                                          This is a scripted, all in one language arts program for K-4. Handwriting is included at the option of Pic McRuffy Kthe teacher/parent in cursive or manuscript. At the K-2 levels, it is focused around a weekly phonics lesson, with skills introduced by the parent, and practice through daily color worksheets and readers. Worksheets and readers are the core of this program. This program is more parent intensive at the K-2 level and lessens at 3rd and 4th when readers also change to chapters within a bound volume.

Note: Includes practice through optional online “playground” on the McRuffy website.

All About Reading (Video Overview)


+Handwriting + Informational Readers


Pre-reading program is designed for preschoolers and kindergartners. Your student will enjoy the special games, crafts, and story time read-alouds, and you will love the way your student effortlessly learns essential pre-reading skills.  Print Awareness, Phonological Awareness, Letter Knowledge, Listening Comprehension, and Motivation to Read. These skills lay the foundation for learning to read.  link

Comes with: Teacher Manual,  Student Activity Packet, 2 Readers, Interactive kit.

Notes: All About Reading is great for struggling readers and new readers.   It may be too repetitive for natural readers.     link to placement test


Logic of English (Video Overview)

Pic LoE foundationsFoundations teaches children age 4-7 to read real books without guessing or memorizing sight words while developing their writing, spelling, and language skills.   In Foundations students gain phonemic awareness, learn to read and write the 74 basic phonograms, and increase reading fluency through structured but playful activities. The innovative Rhythm of Handwriting™ method aids students in developing fluid handwriting. Step by step, students grow as readers, moving from phrases to sentences to paragraphs to books.  Using evidence-based reading instruction methods, Foundations combines multi-sensory learning with the latest in linguistic research to provide students the best possible foundation for education: strong reading and writing skills.  link

Comes with: Level A Teachers Manual and Student WorkbookDoodling Dragons,  Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference (cursive or manuscript), Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference Chart (for cursive only), Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards , (cursive or manuscript, optional for K only), Phonogram Game Cards-2 sets,
Basic Phonogram Flash Cards, Phonogram Game Tiles, Spelling Analysis Card

Notes: Logic of English is a very solid phonics foundation that is multi-sensory in nature.  It is parent intensive. Help me Choose link

Moving Beyond The Page +Phonics

Explore patterns in nature. Learn how numbers can be applied in the real world. Engage in informative and interesting literature. Enjoy watching your child plan interesting projects.  In the Moving Beyond the Page, your child will explore all subject areas and will be given ample opportunity to practice letter recognition – along with reading and writing according to your child’s ability. The curriculum does not assume that your child can read, but readers and non-readers alike will be challenged. The curriculum is filled with quality literature to enjoy with your child. Oftentimes, homeschoolers are only taught reading, writing, and math during the early years, but a truly comprehensive curriculum will expose them to science and social studies as well. These subjects can be the most engaging and exciting for a young child. 


Comes with: Each Concept comes with a variety of  Literature, Manipulatives, a Teachers manual and Student Activity book.

Notes: Moving Beyond The Page is a literature and project based curriculum. There are more activities than one family needs and it can become overwhelming if one chooses to do them all. Our favorite way to use it is to pick and choose between activities or to combine two closely aged siblings in one level, choosing harder acitivities for one student and easier activities for another. link to placement test



Time4Learning provides the tools and resources students need to build skills and confidence in the core subjects like math, language arts, science, and social studies.

Time4Learning is a flexible, online curriculum that can be tailored to your child’s individual needs.The comprehensive, award-winning curriculum allow students to study confidently and excel at their own pace, making it ideal for all kinds of learners, whether they are mainstream, gifted or special needs.

Informational Video 


Waterford Early Learning (Online) 


pic waterford

Language Arts, Math and Science included.  Personalized learning software adapts automatically to give each student a unique learning experience tailored to his or her own skill level and pace–making it ideal for all of your early learners. 

Notes: Considerable screen time and can be repetitive.  Waterford is interactive has targeted remediation and progress reports.

Informational Video


Language Arts Supplements

Add to your program or let us help you create you own package with  a Phonics, writing, grammar, and spelling with Readers for a full program!



Reading Horizons

pic discoverylogoReading Horizons is an online reading program that is based on Orton-Gillingham research. This program is explicit, sequential, systematic, and multi-sensory. This program helps student to learn the why behind decoding. It teaches marking to aid students in decoding and has a fun interactive platform with  reading incentives. This makes it an excellent online option for new readers and very helpful for struggling readers.

Informational Video 

Notes: This curriculum will cover phonics, spelling and  grammar for young learners but needs writing and comprehension supplementation.
This program requires students to mark words to build decoding skills.


Reading Eggs

pic eggs

Reading eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. Children love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning. 

Informational Video


Reading A to Z Plus (Online) 

pic headsprout
Reading A-Z plus and Headsprout are combined in a single student portal, provided online books, reading practice and fun interactive phonics lessons. Perfect for the student who needs online practice without a lot of games.  

Informational Video

Link to headsprout

Link to Raz-plus

Explode The Code

Product DetailsContent provides research-based, multi-sensory instruction best for beginning and struggling readers. Reinforcement for every skill in the “1/2 books” series allows for extra practice. Consistent exercise formats with simple directions and concrete examples allow students to work and learn independently.  Link



Phonic Pathways (Video Overview)

Product Details

Teaches reading using sounds and spelling patterns. These sounds and patterns are introduced one at a time, and slowly built into words, syllables, phrases, and sentences. Simple step-by-step directions begin every lesson.

 Link to sample




Teach Your Child to Read in 100 EZ Lessons

(Video Overview)

Complete step-by-step program that shows parents simply and clearly how to teach their children to read.    Link







Language Arts/Writing



(Video Overview #1) 

(Video Overview #2)

pic the-writers-jungle_large

This program is based on The Writer's Jungle, written by Julie Bogart. The Writer's Jungle is an explanation of Bogart's writing method.   One can use The Writer's Jungle to guide writing as a parent designed curriculum.  Alternately, the author created a series of  writing curriculums and language arts guides (with grammar and literature study) that follow the philosophy of The Writer's Jungle.  This curriculum has a feeling of Charlotte Mason. Link

the-wandNotes: This curriculum covers language arts and/or writing depending on the component you choose, but requires another curriculum to cover foundational skills. It does not focus on expository writing.  Additional components to accompany the writing guides are also published. Portions of this curriculum are only available under individual book titles as it was written as a periodical. Levels in this program do not necessarily correlate to standard grade levels so looking at samples is important.

Overview of Bravewriter







Math-U-See (Video Overview) 


In the Primer level your child will learn not only how to write numerals but also addition and subtraction, basic counting, skip counting, geometric shapes, telling time, and they will be introduced to the manipulative block system. It's a gently introduction to "doing Math." link

pic math u see primerComes with: Instructional DVD, Integer Block Set, Teacher manual and Student workbook.

Notes: Math-U-See is great for hands on learners. It can be quite repetitive and doesn’t contain much review. link to placement test

Right Start Math

This unique, award-winning, Image 1hands-on program de-emphasizes counting, uses visualization of quantities, and provides strategies and visual pictures for learning the facts. Understanding and problem solving are emphasized throughout the curriculum. The primary learning tool is the AL Abacus, a specially designed two-sided abacus that is both kinesthetic and visual. The AL Abacus is grouped in fives and tens for quick recognition of quantities. RS2_Math_Set_2015_11__84705.1459960017.1280.1280The second side of the AL Abacus teaches place value to the thousands. Children develop visual strategies as they use this manipulative. Practice is provided with math card games, minimizing review worksheets and eliminating stressful flash cards. These games provide interesting and varied repetition that is needed for the automatic responses to the facts. More importantly, these games provide an application for new information and create hours of fun learning math facts and concepts. link

Comes with: Lesson book, Worksheets, CD, Games book and complete manipulatives set.

Notes: A great Math especially for struggling learners, but is very parent intensive. Lots of games and manipulatives. AL Abacus is primary manipulative. link to placement test


Saxon Math (Video Overview)

Saxon Math K, Home Study Kit - By: Saxon Start your child off the right way in math with a clearly designed, hands-on program already proven by thousands of homeschoolers across the country. Math K helps you teach the foundational skills that children require, including oral counting; recognizing and sequencing numbers; acting out addition and subtraction stories; counting with one-to-one correspondence; identifying and counting pennies, nickels, and dimes; sorting; telling time to the hour; and using a calendar. link

Comes with: Home Study Kit and Meeting Book. Optional - Manipulatives

Notes: Saxon Math is a spiral math with lots of review.   It has excellent math facts drill but a very dry presentation at all grade levels except Kindergarten.  Kindergarten is more parent intensive and hands on.   Saxon is printed in Black and white only.      Link to placement


Singapore Early Bird Kindergarten Mathematics

(Video Overview #1)    (Video Overview #2)

pic singapore kinder

The curriculum was designed to teach the understanding behind math rather than merely the steps on how to solve Math problems.   Activities in the form of practical tasks provide hands-on experiential learning. Mathematical thinking skills are developed through concrete experience and cutouts are provided in the book to help students work out math problems. Written exercises that focus on repetition ensure the reinforcement of mathematics facts and concepts. A variety of activities such as games and practical tasks help to engage students in the practice of mathematical concepts. The activities in each unit are carefully sequenced for progression in level of difficulty. link

Comes with: Textbook A & B, Activity Book A & B.

Notes: Colorful and friendly a perfect combination for Kinder students.



Math in Focus (Video Overview)


Math in Focus provides an authentic Singapore math curriculum, highlighting problem solving as the focus of mathematical learning. This complete program teaches concepts using a concrete-pictorial-abstract learning progression to anchor learning in real-world and hands-on experiences. Each topic is approached with the expectation that students will understand both "how" it works, and also "why."   Link to spectrum 

Comes with:  Student Textbook, Student Workbook, and Answer Key, with Assessments available separately.

Notes:  This program uses concrete- pictorial-abstract method of instruction in a colorful format but maintains a traditional textbook feel.

Math Seeds (online)


A full K-2 Math curriculum that provides structured instruction through fun graphics and games. Clever motivational tools like hatching pets keep students engaged.    Link 

Informational Video 

Waterford Early Learning (online)

pic waterford

Language Arts, Math and Science included. Personalized learning software adapts automatically to give each student a unique learning experience tailored to his or her own skill level and pace–making it ideal for all of your early learners. link

Notes: As an online curriculum Waterford needs considerable screen time. It is interactive has targeted remediation and progress reports.

Dreambox (online)

Dreambox is an adaptive,  math curriculum.  It is meant to personalized to the individual.  The students learn concepts through game play.

Informational Video

Notes: Not a complete curriculum. Lots of games. Can be difficult to transfer skills
to paper.


Ascend Mathpic ascend

Ascend Math offers personalized learning plans created by an initial.  It provides math tutorials that are prescribed to fill any gaps that a student may have.   While, it is designed for intervention to catch up students quickly it also covers the math skills required at each grade level.  It provides simple games as rewards.


Notes:  Printable worksheets are available.