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Julia L. Meservy Sharp's Profile PhotoThis program is exactly what I had been looking for in my children's schooling experience. I love the balance it gives me and my family as we get to learn so much together both in out home and on the wonderful family field trips set up through the Distance Program.  This program also allows me to provide one on one time so my kids can learn at their own speed and discover things that interest them.  I love the small weekly classrooms with hands-on learning. It is wonderful to be able to teach using the abundance of resources and know my kids are learning everything they need to learn.     Julie Sharp


Brooke Scott Bryner's Profile PhotoThis is our 2nd year and I can not say enough good about the program. We love it! I love the support from staff and the teachers are so amazing. My kids count down the days between class days because all of their classes are so fun and exciting. The teachers do such a great job. Class sizes are small, everything is hands on, not a lot of paperwork, and nothing is repetive. The teachers do lots of crafts and acting out what they are learning. There are so many choices for cirriculum too so it has made teaching at home 100x's easier and so much fun. I was new to homeschooling last year and the staff helped get us on the right track and continue to help us make things new and exciting. My kids have made more friends there then they ever did in regular school and they have so much more in common with them. All of the parents are great to talk to because we all have the same common goals for our kids. I really can't say enough good about it. I 100% recommend it.  
Brooke Bryner 
Melinda Miller's Profile PhotoWe kept going back and forth between public and home school options. We saw the benefits to both choices and didn't want to compromise with our kids’ education… we wanted to have our cake and eat it too! Then we found the Distance Education Program. I was finally able to stop second guessing myself and really felt good about our kids’ schooling for the first time. They offer the best of both worlds. Curriculum of my choosing for each child, a resource library full of supporting materials, an educational specialist to answer our questions and make meaningful recommendations, enriching elective courses, a chance to learn teamwork skills, have fun, and interact with peers, a chance to be home learning in our family-centered environment, a chance to move at their own pace with lessons tailored to their interests and abilities. I have complete control over what and how my children are learning and they still get to experience a peer group setting once a week where they have made friends and learned independence and confidence. Literally everything I wanted in training my children and preparing them for the future. 
Melinda Miller

Meka Hilton's Profile PhotoThe Distance learning program has been a great blessing for our family! As a first year homeschooling mom, I have found the support from the director, education specialists, and other mothers to be so incredibly helpful! I'm not sure I could homeschool without their support. From the resource library to the filed trips and everything in between, we love the program and look forward to continuing our journey with them!
Meka Hilton
Life is sure changing.  I am going to miss having my kids home with me, being their teacher.  I feel like have learned more about myself and things about my children in that one year homeschooling than I have in all my 13 years of being a mom.  I feel I owe that to you at Distance Ed.  More than I can express, I will miss you guys.  I have loved working with you, having your continual guidance, support and your ability to cheer us on and keep us going when days got long and hard.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!
I just can't believe how easy you guys are making things! I feel like I am a homeschool cheater! These packets you are making available are AMAZING!!!!!!!! What the what!!??? What am I going to do all summer? I don't have to plan out ANYTHING! You have done it all! WOW, can you tell I am seriously impressed. THANK YOU!!!!!!! 
Russin Howes
I wanted to let you know that my son just had 30 standardized tests done to see where he was at to determine if he needed an IEP for school.  They took his test scores and compared them to were he was at when we took him out of public school. He scored ABOVE average on more than 2/3 of his testing and average in everything else except one.  The area he scored lower in, he was just below the line and its the area he has always struggled with.  He is well above where he was at when he left public school.  All of his testing has show that this program works!!! This program is successful!  My son may have autism, but autism does not have him because of what this Distance program offers!  The program has allowed us to give him some control in his education and has allowed us to work with him at a pace that he can handle.  By doing this he has now excelled in all areas of study.  I spoke to the public school he is going to be in and they were surprised that a "homeschooled child" could test so well.  Not only that, but his one day a week classes have allowed him to learn in a hands on environment and between that and field trips he has been able to work on his social skills.  I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and for putting this program together.  You have made my child a success story!  This program is empowering both parents and children.



I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the Distance program. I really love that I can choose the curriculum that I feel is best for my children and I have support in teaching them those concepts and principles. My boys love the elective days. It gives them a chance to interact with other children and to be in an environment that encourages love of learning.
I have been very impressed with our Educational Specialist. She leads and guides us so well. She is a wonderful mentor and always very helpful. She responds quickly to my concerns and questions. She truly has been a great example to my boys and myself. I really hope that someday soon you will have junior high and high school grades available. You have been an answer to my prayers. I felt that I needed support with guiding my children and this program was my answer. With much love and gratitude,
Melody Hadfield